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CFA CH Bedoroses Frederick Oscar & CH Bedoroses Edith Anne
ACFA GC Bedoroses Frederick Oscar & CH Bedoroses Edith Anne
Photographer: Jim Child ©
Himalayan Cats, Himalayans, Himalayan kittens, himalayans, himalayan cat, himalayan cats, Persian Cats, Persians, Persian kittens, Persian, persians, persian cat, persian cats, Texas, northern Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Bedoroses Cattery is small cattery breeding Himalayans and Persians located in northern Texas just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. All breeding cats are tested for PKD. I only have and use PKD negative cats in my breeding program. The cattery name was established in October 1995 shortly after I obtained my foundation male, CH Harobed Boshmi of Bedoroses. Dustin as he is known around the house is a seal point Himalayan Persian male and as far as I know the last of Rose Levy's Himalayans. As a child I was introduced to Himalayans when my blue and white domestic shorthair had wandered off. Two elderly ladies a few blocks away found him and were feeding him. They had the most beautiful blue point Himalayan cat. From that point on I knew I wanted to own one of these cats.

Sometime later I bought a book - "All About Himalayan Cats" by Joan Brearley. In this book I found that there was a Himalayan breeder near where I lived on Long Island, NY. Rose Levy of Harobed Cattery had many cats featured in this book. When I got my first pet Himalayan from a local shelter I wasn't sure of her color and called Rose for some help. That was in 1991. The cat was a bluecream point with the most incredible blue eye color. In 1992 I started showing my household pet cats and met Rose at one of the shows. I rescued these cats from shelters on Long Island, Maryland and West Virginia. Some of these cats have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and were honored once a year at a local cat show in Virginia. In July of 1995 a breeder friend of mine offered me Dustin as she only did shorthairs and was in charge of placing the cats for Rose who was ill. Rose died on the day I was getting Dustin groomed. I had planned on visiting her that day. I wanted her to know that he had a good home.

I hadn't planned on becoming a breeder until someone planted that seed. Then I needed a cattery name. I wanted to honor Rose in some way by having her name in my cattery name. I went thru many names and then a friend of mine came up with Bedoroses which is part of Rose's cattery name - Harobed and her name. It was purrfect. The next hurdle was to find a breeding female. In 1996 a Himalayan breeder in Connecticut gave me Maggie but when she came into heat Dustin had no clue. I waited a few more years and then in 2000 Denis Downey of Northshore Cattery leased a bluecream CPC Persian named Lila to me. Somehow having two girls to choose from was just what Dustin needed. My first litter of Himalayans and Persian from Lila arrived in April 2000. Since then Dustin has had no problems in knowing what to do.

Since moving to northern Texas (in 2004) I have begun a chocolate breeding program. I hope to be breeding chocolate and lilac pointed Himalayans and possibly solid chocolate and lilac Persians. I will also be adding lynx points to the mix so there is the possibility of producing all acceptable (in CFA) colors of Himalayan Persians in the very near future.

Please take time to look at the males page and females page. There you will find my breeding and show cats. When I have kittens available they will be on the kittens page. The Himalayan colors page contains pictures which show the available colors of Himalayans. There are links to pictures on the cat photos page. Show news and brags as well as new additions will be on the what's new page. Links to other Himalayan Persians and cat sites can be found on the links page.

Bedoroses will be hosting online chats in the Cat Chat channel. Click on the Bedoroses Chat button below. We also have set up a forum board to discuss issues pertaining to Himalayan Persians. Click on the Bedoroses Forum button below.






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Himalayan Cats, Himalayans, Himalayan kittens, himalayans, himalayan cat, himalayan cats, Persian Cats, Persians, Persian kittens, Persian, persians, persian cat, persian cats, Texas, northern Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

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